Individualization of work and support,
from start to end of sport project

An annual program

Sud Tennis Académie develop, train and coach tennis players for competition.

A personalized program, Individualization of work and continuous monitoring are our true strengths. The ambition of STA is international, since our players are evolving on the circuit tennis Europe, ITF juniors, WTA and ATP.


For some players the school pathway is equally important as the sports project. STA Is working to maintain rigorous school monitoring so that studies are effective and compatible with training and competitions. Schooling is done through CNED. Graduates, or conventionally agreed organisms for each subject, are also on site (for French academics).

Team of Professionals and experts

Bernard Larriere et Eric Dochtermann lead a team of professional coaches and a physical trainer who all have experience on the ITF, ATP and WTA circuits.

The most efficient IT tools of our partner ESP, the Sport and Performance Expertise Center, enables precise technical analysis to customize the player’s program. ESP allows us to establish the physical needs of the athlete and refine them throughout the year.

competition de tennis internationale
equipe de tennis
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competition de tennis internationale