entraineur de tennis

Bernard Larriere

The passion for teaching

Sud Tennis Académie founder since 2015, Bernard has been a passionate of teaching and training since 1983.

After a few years being trainer of tennis instructors, he was oriented in the 2000’s into the training of players with a high level project, already working in collaboration with Eric Dochtermann, he took care of young players like Sébastien Dechaunac, Gaël Gueilt, Laura Rochi, Jonathan Gray (top 20 English under 16 years) or Mickael Ali Cayol.

In 2013 he’s training Lou Dupuis 2002 player who is number 1 of the Provence league.

It is therefore naturally that he coaches his 2 children, Victoria Larriere born in 1991, who is 170 WTA and number 12 in France in 2012, and then Clément Larriere who’s becoming at 17 years old 50th junior world player, number 2 of the French born in 97, and champion of France of the 17/18 in 2015.

During his course Bernard worked with trainers such as Alain Lambert or Georges Deniau. In 2019, Bernard Larriere associated with Eric Dochtermann with whom he co directed Sud Tennis Académie.


devenir joueur pro de tennis

Eric Dochtermann

Attention to details

This is the motto of Eric Dochtermann which devotes his time to maximizing the capabilities of each player.

Having played for more than 15 years, Eric knows the implications of such a commitment and transmits it now for almost 30 years.

Eric has directed various academies first in Auvergne and in Provence, he’s framing the best juniors of Provence in the Provence league from 1994 to 1998 and coaches also many young people as Sébastien Dechaunac, Sébastien Lami, Thierry Roggi or Yannick Soria. During this period he worked and already cooperated with Bernard Larriere.

Those experiences has entrusted him as  Tennis Director to Sutton Tennis Academy (U. K) for 7 years, and in parallel coaches players confirmed such as Tom Burn, U18 champion and 530 Atp (U. K), Jonathan Gray from junior to 550atp (U. K), Anna Smith 230 wta Top 50 double and Fed Cup player, U18 champion and now 20 in U.K, Johana Konta, Surina Beer.

Between 2007 and 2017 E  ric coaches Victoria Larriere, Anna Smith and Jonathan Gray on the professional tour.

Until July 2019 he was head coach of Living Tennis pro Academy (U.K) and now Eric Dochtermann he’s co director Sud Tennis Académie.


entraineur physique de tennis

Yasin Yildirim

Listening to the body

Fitness instructor specialized in biomechanics and movements for Sud Tennis Académie for 5 years, Yasin is licensed by the faculty of  Sport Science of luminy – Marseille with a specialization in physical and health  rehabilitation and a master’s health with a specialization of injury and reathletics.

He specialized in the physical preparation of tennis professionals, having been himself a high level football player for more than 10 years.


The Centre d’Expertise of Sport and Performance

HumanFab in Aix-en-Provence allows Sud Tennis Académie to optimize the performance of its players through the advanced technology and the training programmes of individualized training from scientific evaluations developed by them in laboratory.

STA is beneficing from the Medical and Health Department at HumanFab wich gathers a team of sport’s doctors, ostheopaths, physios, podologists and dieteticiens.

raquette de tennis

Gaël Cachard

Precision, Optimization, Performance

Holder of the French Coaching qualification since 2003, Gaël teaches for several years and works at the same time in some great sports stores. At the same time, he was part of the team of cordors on the Great Slam tournament Roland Garros.

In 2006, he joined the Babolat company where he created a new pole dedicated to the customization of rackets for professional players. For seven years, he accompanied a few 130 players, including the bests of the circuit, on court tests, advice and preparation of their equipment. He also becomes trainer and travels around the world to transmit his knowledge to the various academies and federations.

In 2014 he creates Gael cachard customization (GCC Tennis). Its thorough work and its analytical and customization skills are worth him the nickname “Doctor Cash”.

Gaël works closely with Sud Tennis Académie and offers suitable and customized equipment to our players.