Competitive Camps

Like a professional tour
throughout 1 or more weeks
in french or international tournaments

Toussaint Tour 2019

Competitive camps
and french tournements

From 21 october to 3 november

1 or 2 weeks of tournament
Two tournaments a week !!

Accomodation, meals and travel included.

Keep me updated of the next stages

Workshops diagnostics & tests

The excellence of expertise and analysis
during one or more days, punctually or monitored over the year by experiences coaches with high technology tools in laboratory and on the tennis court.

Multidisciplinary complete assesment

Physical tests
10 tests in laboratory with our partner HumanFab
and tests on the court.

Technical tests
Analysis of all the moves and analysis of the leg play.

Mental test
Analysis of resilience, determination and tactics.

Expertise & assessment

The “Tailor made” of coaching

To work a specific shot, a tactical phase,
to prepare for competition
or to optimize its performance.