Bernard Larriere and Eric Dochtermann, have been specialized for many years on training, coaching and leadership of French and international players on the ITF, ATP and WTA circuits. Surrounded by a competent team, they are now untiting their knowledge to lead Sud Tennis Académie.

enseigner le tennis
travailler un coup droit

Our mission

Individualized project and personalized support.
Sud Tennis Académie supports, accompanies and strenghtens the project of each player with tennis as a professional objective.

Pro Academy & school

Individualized annual program, global and continuous monitoring over the long term both at the workplace and in competition, we also propose rigorous school monitoring for students pursuing their studies by CNED or international cursus.

coup droit de tennis


Training & preparation for competition

Training, follow-up and coaching in tournaments and/or tour over one or more weeks.
Multidisciplinary feed back at the end of the period.
entrainement de tennis


Detection, diagnostic & tests

Expertise, analysis and multidisciplinary balance sheet or target balance sheet. To improve specific work lines, to optimize training, to work a blow, tactical phase, to prepare a competition or to make a full check up, STA puts its tools, experience and anlysis at the player’s disposal.